As plans move ahead to woo Boeing, Tulsa's Vision plan becomes blurred

Thursday, June 19th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa's mayor confirms the city will offer an incentive package to Boeing - but there's a new standard set for the competition and concern that it could derail Tulsa's Vision Plan.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says the city was very close a final list of projects for the Vision package when the Boeing proposal came up. Now - there has to be a decision between a tax incentive for Boeing, and a tax for the Vision Plan, or some combination of the two.

The Vision plan started a year ago with 1,100 people offering ideas on ways to improve the city - and ultimately provide jobs. But the possibility of luring a plant to manufacture an airplane - a plant that would employ 1,200 people - has temporarily pushed the Vision Plan off the front burner.

Jamie Jamieson with Tulsa Now: “We're concerned that there's a risk that the whole dialog process is under threat and we think strategically that would be the wrong thing for Tulsa and indeed for the region.” The mayor says the vision process will continue, but that Boeing has to take priority - and we could be off the list so quickly, it would not delay a fall vote on the vision plan.

We don't know what Tulsa's offer to Boeing will be - but Washington State where Boeing already has most of its manufacturing operation, is offering $3-billion in tax breaks.