Hometown hero from Collinsville

Saturday, March 22nd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Oklahoma has many hometown heroes fighting the war on terrorism. In Collinsville, News on Six Reporter Patrina Adger learned of a family who’s loved one has fought obstacles his entire life. Now - he's risking an ultimate sacrifice – by taking on the biggest battle of his life.

Lee Stout, Sean’s Father: "Everytime I try to look at all of them real quickly and see if I happen to see him."

DeAnn and Lee Stout say they can't help but to look for their son on television. He's serving with the First Marine Division in Iraq. Like most families with loved ones serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, they're glued to set keeping up with the latest.

DeAnn Stout, Sean’s Mother: "I wish it was me instead of him... I'm scared for him."

They say it's hard to see their "baby" on the front lines when for so many years - his life was uncertain. Their 22 year old son Sean went through a series of tragedies as a kid.

DeAnn Stout, Sean’s Mother: "When he was three his Mom drowned and then his father wasn't in his life... when he was fifteen his grandpa died of cancer"

Sean bounced around from home to home for years. At one point he went to Washington to live with a marine who inspired his decision to join the corps. A cousin - who died during the September 11th attacks.

DeAnn Stout, Sean’s Mother: "Brian Moss. He was killed in the Pentagon."

Sean eventually came to live with the Stout's five years ago and have called him "son" ever since.

Lee Stout, Sean’s Father: "To know this young man fought to go... I'm so proud of him. You gotta be strong... I don't think I could have made it through what he's made it through."

Now- like many of us - they sit and wait - hoping for a peaceful outcome - and their son's quick return home.

DeAnn Stout, Sean’s Mother: "I'm incredibly proud of him.. he's a hero."