Local Military Recruiters

Saturday, March 22nd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

With America at War, some military recruiters thought they might get a boost in interest - but it has not happened here - yet. News on 6 Reporter Emory Bryan files this report.

The war in Iraq started with a roar- but that's in stark contrast to the quiet for military recruiters in Tulsa.

If we didn't see the war on television we wouldn't know it's going on because recruiting hasn't, there is none.

Master Sergeant Maureen Kile says the Marines recruit about a dozen people a month from the Tulsa area.

The war hasn't changed that - and she's not unhappy.

A spike of interest after September 11th didn't help. –

MSgt Maureen Kile, US Marines Corps: "We didn't get many qualified people, we got a whole bunch of GED holders, criminals, people who can't make it out here and I guess they thought since it was an emergency we lowered our standards, but we don't regardless of what's happening in society."

The Marines and Air Force, Navy and Army are all recruiting hard.

They work offices in a strip mall - but do most of their work in the schools - and on the phones.

Master Sergeant Kile says with free college, a paycheck and training for just about anything - the Marines make an attractive choice - if only recruiters can get people to listen.

MSgt Maureen Kile, US Marines Corps: Most of the time if people find out about the Marines, if they're up to the challenge, there's really nothing you can do that will be more beneficial in the same amount of time.”

The Marines require a four year committment - with 12 and a half weeks of basic training.

They say even if people signed up today - they wouldn't make it to the front lines before the end of the war.