Stop the static at the gas pump campaign

Friday, February 1st 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Here's something that seems to be a problem when the weather gets cold. It's static, and at the gas pump it could kill you.

Static electricity can build up if you get back into your vehicle while you're filling up. And in turn, the static can cause a spark when you pull out the nozzle and that could cause an explosion. Fire officials say the danger is very real. Allen LaCroix with the Tulsa Fire Department, "It can create an explosion, if everything is right you have a car that becomes fully involved in a very quick period of time, so it's extremely dangerous."

Many gasoline pumps carry warnings not to use your cell phone while filling up, also because of static electricity. It's recommended you turn off your engine, extinguish your cigarette and stay out of your car until you're finished pumping your gas.