Watch that register when shopping

Friday, December 21st 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Are the prices at the register ringing true for you? Consumer experts are putting out a warning before you're next in line to be cheated at the check out.

According to the Better Business Bureau of Tulsa, an estimated 30%t of holiday shoppers say they get jipped at the register this time of year. The reason, say experts, scanner errors and computer miscalculations during a season notorious for sales. Rick Brinkley with the Better Business Bureau, "Many times it's a simple oversight, it's not an intentional thing, It's just that in the heckiness of all that's going on, somebody made a mistake."

Consumer experts say shoppers make the mistake as well by not checking the receipt before leaving the store. It's why the best advice is to keep your eye on the register and speak-up when the price is not right.