Talking with Garth Brooks

Saturday, December 22nd 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Country music legend Garth Brooks made a stop at our KOTV studios last week. Terry Hood talked with him about his new album, 'Scarecrow', and about finding new peace in life, right here in Tulsa County. "The cool thing about living here, is they treat you like the guy next door."

Garth Brooks moved his family back to Oklahoma a year and a half ago. During what he says was one of the darkest times of his life. His mother had died, his marriage was crumbling. But instead of the critical glances and skepticism he expected, he found in his native state, support and acceptance. "They treat you like a regular guy. But at the same time, they never let you forget that you are a celebrity. So your ego gets stroked and at the same time, they put their arm around you like you're one of the guys they grew up with. And it makes you feel very welcome and at home. And I don't see how it gets better than that."

Being back home also stirred Garth's creative spirit. Last month, he released "Scarecrow", his first studio album in four years. Scarecrow jumped to the top of the charts, and stayed there. But while he's tracking record sales, Garth is also saying his good-byes. Garth's concert last month on South Padre Island drew 22,000 fans that stood out in wind, sleet and freezing temperatures to witness what Garth says was his final performance. Watching him in action, it’s hard to imagine him leaving the music behind. "Its weird, when you see me live. I'm not sure what the greater love is for." Is it for the music you get to play, or is it for those people that come to see you? "Music is in my life everyday as a fan, but those people. That's probably the biggest thing you're going to miss, are those faces, those hands."

The center of Garth's life now is here in Owasso. He has a ranch just outside the city, and he's devoting his time to raising his three daughters. While the kids go to school, you're likely to run into Garth at the grocery store. His divorce from his wife of 15 years was final last week. But Garth says nothing can change their roles as parents. "Well, its also important for my children to know and hear from me that there is one person other than God that loves them the most on this planet. And it’s their mother. Always. And if I tell them that, and Sandy will take care of her side, then those kids will grow up with the greatest key element, and that is love."

As for the future, Garth says he's already found a new passion. You might not see him on the concert stage, but look for his name at the movie theatre. He's trying his hand at screenwriting. "The thing I love about writing is, music is the only other thing I've found you can sit down for 15 minutes and look up and realize you've been there for 12 hours. Its a great passion, its a great feeling.”

If you'd like to see Terry Hood’s entire interview with Garth Brooks, tune in on Christmas night at 10 PM. You'll hear more of his thoughts on family, his future, and his fans.