Monday's airplane crash not stopping local air travelers

Monday, November 12th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Word of the New York City plane crash quickly spread to people all across the country, including frequent fliers in Tulsa. Six in Your Corner reporter Diane White talked with some Tulsa travelers about their future flight plans.

The American Airlines plane crash in New York touched travelers throughout the US. Including people traveling to Tulsa. One traveler at Tulsa International Airport, "We were in New York waiting to board a flight through Islip McCarthur airport." But Lee and Janet Siedlecki had to wait. The flight was delayed, the airport shut down. "Cell phones are going off like crazy people were calling home asking what was going on because we couldn't get any information there. It was a little tense." The tension was temporary. An hour later, their plane left New York. "We feel very safe traveling, flying - we fly a lot I think it's still safer than driving."

Another traveler, Jill Watts, "I was staying at a friend's house and saw it on the news - scared to fly - called my husband and he said he would come pick us up if I wanted him to.” But Jill Watts and her friend decided to board the plane in Kansas City and fly home. "I'm not going to stop my life - I'm going to still carry on and fly." Still another traveler, Kristen Clue, "It is a risk to have to take to fly and but you take the same risk when you drive. I'll still fly and visit friends and still enjoy life day to day."

American Airline's ticket counter was bustling by mid-afternoon. It didn't take long to get back to business as usual at the Tulsa airport and are travel agents say they don't expect this crash to have any negative effect on the travel industry.” Travel agents, like Len Eaton at World Travel, say clients called for information - but no one called to cancel. "Nobody likes an airplane accident, but an accident is an accident it's the deliberate action that I think is what concerns everybody. At this moment it's business as usual and I'm hoping it stays that way."

Travel agents say those willing to fly can still find low fares and travel bargains.