New computer software at the Tulsa County Jail

Monday, November 12th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

New technology at Tulsa's County Jail should mean fewer inmates accidentally released from custody.

A new computer system was installed at the Jail this weekend that makes it possible for guards to know where each inmate is at all times. News on Six reporter Heather Brooker was the first reporter to get a look at the new system and explains how it should save taxpayer's money down the road.

The David L Moss Criminal Justice Center is getting an upgrade, but not on the outside. Visitation at the jail was put on hold so a new computer system could be installed. Leroy Jones: Information Systems Director: "This new software will encompass all the functions needed to operate the jail into one software package." Jones says the new system will make operations at the jail more efficient.

The software is made by a company called Intellitech, and is expected to increase communication among the different departments at the jail. The system will use photo ID's to reference inmates, something not currently in use. Jones: "Even on releases it will help to make sure that the right person hasn't changed identities. We've had one case where a person changed identities, memorized social security numbers and birth dates and walked out of the jails."

The $600,000 software package took an entire day to install. And Jones says it will be worth it for taxpayers in the long run. Jones:” It’ll make the facility operate more efficiently which translates into less cost to operate the facility which the taxpayers of Tulsa County pay for the operation of the jail."

During the system's installation, employee's logged in all inmate information. So, now six years' worth of history will be available to jail employees at the click of a mouse.