Local self defense classes are popular right now

Saturday, October 27th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Safety has been a concern since September 11th, with more people taking matters into their own hands - literally. News on Six consumer reporter Diane White went to Apollo Karate Studio to show us a popular method of protection.

One class just finished up a round of martial arts testing. This age-old discipline used for self-defense - and protections. More people are signing up for classes - especially women. It's not just about staying fit - it’s about staying safe. “Jumping jack - step and punch" "Hard enough to hit a man, hard enough to make him leave you alone and go find someone to pick on." "Straight, straight - hook hook” Don’t let the blond ponytails and small size fool you.

These young women are fit to fight - or fight back - something they're learning in a class Tai Jitsu. Dale Cook, "The bottom line is it's a no-nonsense self defense and it's designed to teach you effective self defense skills in a very short period of time." Dale Cook developed the method. Classes have been filling up - fast - since September 11th. "It's really picked up now. We're getting 16-17 phone calls a day and they're almost all from women."

Like Audra and Jody. Both married, both work in the medical field - dedicated to staying - fit - and staying safe. Audra McCall: "It's made me more aware of how vulnerable I was before I started taking the class." "I've become much more confident." "You look him dead in the eye and that says I'm not a victim." Jodi McLain: "If they want your purse, your keys, your wallet, I say give it to them - be the most cooperative robbery victim they've ever seen. But if they want to take you somewhere, that's where you fight for your life."

And get em where it hurts. "Right leg to the groin, right punch to the face." Target three weak spots. "The eyes, the throat, the groin." McLain: "By being here and learning those tactics - it's made me more confident that I'm at least more aware of my surrounding and the possibilities of what could happen. I feel more confident out walking alone. I definitely carry my keys between my knuckles like we're taught."