The Army Surplus store is a popular place again

Tuesday, September 18th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Uncertainty has many people flocking to area stores to stock up on survival gear. News on Six reporter Diane White went to the Army Surplus store to find out what people are buying.

"Army Surplus." The phone's been ringing quite a bit here lately and there's been a steady flow of customers stocking up. John Gibson, Assistant Manager: "It just makes you feel psychologically better to have it around whether you need it or not. It's kind of like the Y2K thing." That's the last time this store has seen this kind of rush - when people stocked up before Y2K.

They're buying army food, water pills, and more. "I hope we don't have to use them." "I'm here to get gas masks. I'm more or less getting prepared because I grew up in New York City and they kind of caught us with our pants down over there." Tulsa Transit bus driver resident William Santiago bought five gas masks for his family. "It’s best to be prepared." The newest item at the store is this shirt. It says in loving memory. A portion of the sales of this shirt will go to charitable relief funds. The store expects the shirts to be a big seller.

But one item customers can't find at this store right now. The American flag, the store sold out last week.