Dangerous intersection on Highway 169 in Owasso

Friday, July 5th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It took months of debate and legal wrangling to get rid of it. So imagine their surprise in Owasso when just a few months later, it was back.

We're talking about a dangerous intersection at 66th street North and Highway 169. News on Six reporter Steve Berg says there is a problem. The road cuts into 169 at a 90-degree angle. So you can't get up to speed to merge into traffic.

It’s also a little dangerous for people who slow down to get off. As we said it was removed. Now all of a sudden, it's back. The reason is that they're building a new interchange at 76th Street North. And they say if trucks tried to get through all that construction. It would be even more dangerous than this.

"I think it's a bigger safety issue at the construction site than it is here. Once the construction at 169 and 76th street is over, this particular intersection is scheduled to be removed at that time." That's Owasso City Manager Rodney Ray.

He says it should take about 4 months to finish the interchange. When that's done, this will again be gone. In the meantime, people are just advised to be careful.