'Blue Stuff', made in Oklahoma

Friday, May 17th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A lot of strange concoctions have come out of Oklahoma barbeque joints, but only one is making millions of dollars a month for the man that wrote the recipe.

It's a pain reliever called "Blue Stuff" and folks who use it claim it works wonders. News on Six reporter Emory Bryan says one thing is certain - the name fits. Blue Stuff has a sky blue color, a fruity smell and a whipped topping texture. Its pain relieving powers are touted nationwide on late night TV.

The makers of Blue Stuff claim it relieves all sorts of aches - and the people who swear by it are willing to pay ten dollars an ounce. An Oklahoma City restaurateur created it - using Emu oil and aloe vera as the main ingredients. He called it Emu-gelsic balm - a customer suggested the name that made it famous. Jack McClung, Blue Stuff creator: "Why don't ya just call it Blue Stuff so we can remember the name, so we can remember, and it was like gettin hit in the head with a sledgehammer."

It's bottled in Lawton, sold on the Internet, and in a growing number of locations like one in Tulsa. "The pain may leave in five or ten minutes but the inflammation is still there and you need to get rid of the inflammation so the pain won't keep coming back." The Tulsa store sells Blue Stuff by the tub - $40 for the smallest size. Mona Bothell with the Blue Stuff store: "It is for pain, swelling and inflammation, the Emu oil in the main ingredient that makes it work, it acts as a transporting agent for all the other ingredients that are in it and carries it directly to the affected area."

The label says Blue Stuff is guaranteed to work in five minutes. Besides the name - another thing is certain - the infomercial works - the owner says he's approaching a billion dollars worth of sales.