Speeders beware

Saturday, April 14th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Speeders are on the lookout. Local law enforcement officers have their eyes on you. KOTV's Donn Robertson says law enforcement is beefing up patrols to slow down drivers.

One thing that slows down a driver is a speeding ticket. Many law enforcement officers will tell you they got into their career not to write tickets but to make a difference and save lives. Officers say a driver going too fast caused this car to flip over on the ramp from the Broken Arrow Expressway to Highway 169. They say, luckily, none was hurt too badly. "It's already a well known that speed is the number 1 factor in fatality accidents kills." It's Tulsa County Sheriff's office Sergeant Chris Maxey's job to slow people down. Unless there's a major emergency, Maxey will be showing a presence on rural Tulsa County highways and roads. "Alot of times letting people seeing you around, keeps honest people honest."

The Tulsa County Sheriff's office is using a federal grant to pay deputies to solely concentrate on watching the roads, and slowing drivers down. "Alot of times deputies main focus isn't on traffic." The Highway Patrol in the Tulsa area has a new policy where all troopers work on Fridays. Many of the troopers call Friday's "high collision day." And what a better way to prove a point, a minor crash came near Trooper Heflin after he pulled over a driver for not wearing a seatbelt. "If we are not around they are going to try to push the limit." That's just human nature. It's human nature to get a sick feeling in your stomach when you see these lights behind you. But officers say if they can show you that they're watching they will save lives.

As for Tulsa Police officers, with this nice weather, they've stepped up their motorcycle patrols as well.