Blue Haven Pool Problems

Friday, March 23rd 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

When the temperature heats up, many people jump in the pool for relief.

But Paul and Melissa Jackson say they want relief from the battle they've been having with a local pool company .

The couple paid Blue Haven Pool nearly $25,000 last year to build a pool, deck and spa.

They finished in June...but the Jacksons say there are problems with the project.

Paul Jackson, Pool Owner: "When you walk on it the cool decking is just coming off in sheets, pretty much all the way around, cracks are forming here and probably in about 5 different locations."

He continued, "When they did the leveling they didn't do this correctly, to where this water is collecting and basically stays there unless you brush it out."

But the Jackson's say the biggest and most expensive problem is the hot tub.

Paul Jackson, Pool Owner: When you turn it on, water drains out. And it's not connected to the pool's cleaning system, so it's constantly dirty.

The Jacksons say they have complained to Blue Haven Pool for nine months.

Paul Jackson, Pool Owner: "He (Blue Haven) received several phone calls, we've sent him letters, we sent him faxes, we wrote him numerous times."

So we called Blue Haven Pool and talked to the owner. He didn't want to talk to us on camera, but told us that he never saw any letters and claims his crews went to the Jacksons several times but couldn't get in.

Paul Jackson: "That's untrue because we have a gate that has remained unlocked and is still unlocked, we work out of our home, we have two phone lines that have answering machines on it."

When we asked Blue Haven's owner John Boling about the Jackson's list of complaints, he said.

Until they (the Jacksons) give me an opportunity to repair problems I think are out there, they have no right to complain."

But the same day we called, a crew showed up to work on the deck.

Paul Jackson, Pool Owner: "They've had all summer last year, they've had all winter and now we're into spring, and the problems have never been addressed until you all have gotten involved."

Before they began this project, the Jacksons did check out the company.

They called the BBB in 1999, and learned Blue Haven had 2 unanswered complaints - but had a satisfactory record.

Rick Brinkley, BBB: "Back then the policy of the Better Business Bureau was that we allowed a company at that time to have 2 unanswered complaints we have since switched that, the fact is now they can only have one unsanswered complaint."

The BBB says Blue Haven does have several unanswered complaints, so now their record is unsatisfactory.

Picking a pool contractor can be tricky, so the BBB offers this advice:

  • Make sure the pool company is an authorized dealer for the brand you want.
  • Check the warranty
  • Get a copy of their license and bonds.
  • Make sure the company has workers comp insurance.
  • Talk to other pool owners

The fight isn't over for the Jacksons. They are still waiting for Blue Haven Pool to finish the deck and repair their hot come Summer, they can enjoy their entire pool.