Officer's Accuser Airs Accusations On Sally Jesse Raphael Show

Wednesday, March 21st 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The attorney for a Tulsa Police officer accused of sexual battery has filed a motion to dismiss the case. He bases it on "outrageous governmental misconduct".
Orlanda Lacy is charged with sexually touching a woman during a drug search.
The woman told her story on a national talk show before she testified in court.
Lacy's attorney says chief prosecutor Sharon Ashe should not have given the witness the phone number of the show's producer because it hurts Lacy's chances for a fair trial.
Richard O'Carroll - Lacy's Attorney commented, "I suggest to you, for a prosecutor to put this youngster in that situation, where she's going to lie is akin to giving a drunk the keys to a Ferarri, it's just as reckless."
Ashe says it's her job to keep witnesses informed about events surrounding the case.
She says she recommend the woman not go on the show... but that she decided to anyway and that she was practicing her right to free speech.