'Monsters Be Gone' Helps Children Deal with Fears in a Healthy Way

Friday, October 27th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Boo! Just in time for Halloween! Monsters Be Gone(TM) is now available in stores! Apart from trick or treat, what could be more fun than helping a child deal with childhood fears? The product does exactly that, and was proven successful by creator Debbie Norton, President of The Mind Factory(TM), who used it with her own children who had a fear of monsters invading their bedroom at night. She created The Original Monsters Be Gone Bedtime Survival Kit(TM).

The product was featured on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show". The Bedtime Survival Kit(TM) helps children deal with fears in a healthy way by reinforcing their belief system that these monsters can, be driven away, never to scare them again. Rosie told her national TV audience "it works!" after using the product with her own child.

The Original Bedtime Survival Kit(TM) consists of the potent Monsters Be Gone(TM) spray, a night light to keep the monsters away, and a doorhanger that warns monsters they are not welcome. Also available on video is, Magic Al & The Mind Factory(TM) starring Mandy Moore, Criss Ruiz of "Boyz and Girlz United", Christian Kebbel, and Butch Patrick ("The Munsters"). The video was created and produced by Underdog Studios, Inc., Orlando, Florida. The product is now available nationally at Tower Records, Camelot Records, Strawberries, Coconuts, Saturday Matinee, Media Play and all Bradlees Stores, Specs, Sam Goody, Jungle Jims Restaurants and Musicland.

The Mind Factory(TM), in conjunction with Underdog Studios, Inc., Orlando, will soon launch a National Child Safety Campaign and product line consisting of videos specifically designed to address six major child safety issues including fire, water, gun, bicycle and computer safety. Also in the works is the newest children's The Original Survival Kit, Off To The Hospital(TM). The kit will include a video designed to ease children's fears and will take them inside a real hospital to show what a hospital does to help people. Visit the official Internet site at www.monstersbegone.net for more information and product purchases. Some copycat sites have been noted so be sure to enter the correct web site address for the official product. Monsters Be Gone(TM) is an exclusive product of The Mind Factory(TM), 4501 Vineland Road, Suite 107, Orlando, FL.