World Series Game 2 highlights

Monday, October 23rd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Yankees 6, Mets 5

YANKEES FIRST: Knoblauch lined out to center fielder Payton. Jeter struck out. Justice walked on four pitches. Williams walked on four pitches, Justice to second. Martinez singled to left, Justice scored, Williams to second. Posada singled to center, Williams scored. Yankees 2, Mets 0

YANKEES SECOND: Brosius homered to left. Yankees 3, Mets 0

YANKEES FIFTH: Justice struck out. Williams grounded out. Martinez doubled to center. Posada was intentionally walked. O'Neill singled to right, Martinez scored. Yankees 4, Mets 0

YANKEES SEVENTH: Martinez grounded out. Posada singled to center. O'Neill doubled to right, Posada to third. Brosius hit a sacrifice fly to right field, Posada scored. Yankees 5, Mets 0

YANKEES EIGHTH: Knoblauch grounded out. Jeter doubled to right. Justice grounded out. Williams was intentionally walked. Martinez singled to left, Jeter scored. Yankees 6, Mets 0

METS NINTH: Alfonzo singled to left. Piazza homered to left on a 0-1 count, Alfonzo scored. Ventura singled to center. Zeile flied out to left fielder Bellinger. Agbayani singled to left, Ventura to second. On Posada's passed ball, Ventura to third, Agbayani to second. Harris grounded into fielder's choice. Payton homered to right on a 1-1 count, Agbayani scored, Harris scored. Yankees 6, Mets 5