Scary stuff: Martha Stewart does Halloween

Friday, September 29th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

As if Halloween isn't scary enough, now Martha Stewart's got to get all over it.

Ms. Stewart, who seems fundamentally incapable of allowing any aspect of life to go unexploited financially, comes out this year for Halloween in a very big way.

"Martha Gets Ghoulish" in a special issue of her magazine, Martha Stewart Holiday Halloween – which in this case means she wears veils and Goth-looking black eye shadow, and has plastic spiders stuck on her head and neck.

Inside are the inevitable how-tos on makeup, costumes, pumpkin carving and recipes for such dishes as "devilish salsa."

You'd think that would be enough. You'd be wrong. Ms. Stewart also has a new CD, called Spooky Scary Sounds for Halloween. Released by Rhino Records, the California label that specializes in pop-culture novelties, the disc consists of one 40-minute "song" with "scary" sound effects that include the howling of winds, the rattling of chains, guys going boo-ha-ha and so on.

Unflaggingly helpful, Ms. Stewart fills the disc's liner notes with yet more recipes and crafts. No one gets out of this alive, or at the very least without knowing how to make a punchbowl of hot cider.

The disc, which sells for $9.98, was created by Ms. Stewart and her team to play as background music when she greeted trick-or-treaters. She suggests that it would be effective for a party of one – or 100.

Alas, she's not stopping at Halloween. Already in the works, says a Rhino spokesman, are Martha Stewart CDs for Christmas – and Valentine's Day, too.

Scared yet?