Skiatook Students Return to School As Controversy Over Videotape Continues

Friday, August 18th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Skiatook students headed back to school Thursday in the midst of a controversy. But while many parents and residents were thinking about the trouble brewing with former coach Harry Red Eagle Junior, most of the kids say they didn't give it a second thought.

Parents and concerned citizens were supposed to gather in front of the Skiatook high school early in the morning to protest Superintendent Harry Red Eagle Senior. But Andrea Reed was the only one who showed up. "Unfortunately, it looks like things have not taken a turn for the better, but for the worst,” Reed said. “Right now we have no participation whatsoever."

Reed says superintendent Red Eagle should step up and comment about the accusations made against his son, former Skiatook coach Harry Red Eagle Junior. The coach resigned last week after KOTV turned over an original videotape to police, showing him putting a camera inside a girls' locker room, shortly before girls came inside and undressed.

News on Six reporter Shea Garrison talked with superintendent Red Eagle off camera and he said, "He won't step up and comment about something he considers a rumor.” Red Eagle says, "Until he has the final investigation report in hand, he considers everything to be a rumor.” The News on Six asked the superintendent if he's worried that more of his faculty is involved. “Worried about what?,” Red Eagle replied. “Everything is a rumor right now." Superintendent Red Eagle also says both coaches who resigned have been replaced.

Most Skiatook students say it was a normal, exciting first day of school. They say no one talked about the controversy brewing in the district. “I didn't hear anything about that," said student Joshua Seals. One mother says her children weren't sure what to expect on the first day. "They were concerned, because these were coaches the kids all liked,” said Kelly Yarbrough. “So there is concern."

Many parents say the concerns won't end until the controversy ends. Superintendent Red Eagle says he will have something to say when a final report comes out, which is expected within the next two weeks.