Mother fails to testify against son, charges dropped

Tuesday, July 11th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A mother's failure to testify against he rson Monday resulted in fraud charges being dismissed against the man, who was accused of trying to bilk her out of $10,000 in a kidnapping scheme.

Prosecutors said they intend to refile the case against Nathaniel Reid Six, 20. He had been charged with two counts of obtaining money by false pretense. Six's mother, Denise Six of Broken Arrow, told police that she gave her son $10,000 on April 19 after he told her that drug dealers were going to kill him without the money.

About a week later, she found a ransom note on the front door of her home and answering machine messages indicating he had been kidnapped and $10,000 was needed to free him, Broken Arrow police said.

When police arrived at the drop spot, they found Nathaniel Six in a rented limousine with his friends and an empty bottle of champagne. Assistant District Attorneys Rebecca Nightingale and Tracy Priddy said Six's mother knew about Monday's preliminary hearing.

Defense lawyer Kent Hudson said Denise Six "absolutely doesn't want to pursue the case" against her son. Records show that she was instrumental in the posting of bonds totaling $7,500 that allowed her son to be released from jail on May 4.

The felony charge will be refiled and a subpoena will be issued to secure Denise Six's court attendance, prosecutors said. Hudson said the District Attorney's Office typically is "concerned with what the alleged victims want" regarding the outcome of prosecutions, but in this case "the alleged victim wants to dismiss the case."