Live in Tulsa? You Can Order Groceries On-Line

Thursday, June 22nd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Groceries are now available online in Tulsa via The on-line company is testing the system at the Village I-G-A at 101st and Sheridan, and has plans to offer it at other stores around town.

Just log on and write out your shopping list. There's also a list of recipes and store specials for you to look through. The only thing the web site doesn't tell you is the prices on the food items.

"In general, there are no prices in the database," explained spokesperson Millie Norton. "This means that you don't know exactly what your groceries are going to cost when you order them online. You can rest assured though that you're going to be charged the exact same price as in the store. All we add to the price is a single service charge of a $1.50 to pull your groceries for you," she continued.

The store fills the cart within three hours, then sends an e-mail message informing you of the total amount. Cold food is kept in the refrigerator until the customer picks up the order. There is a limit of 20 items per order. However, you can place more than one order at a time.

For more information about online groceries, click the link below.