Cancer Survivor Celebrates With The Relay For Life

Saturday, June 3rd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Each year, thousands of people die from various forms of cancer.

But, there are cures being developed and this time every year communities across the nation raise money for research with the Relay for Life.

Cancer Survivors know just how important that can be.

"He was a very sick little baby," says Julie Wilson, cancer survivor's mother.

That was 12 years ago, but Josh Wilson's mother still remembers what it was like finding out her only child had cancer.

"We took him in for a six-week check up. We weren't expecting anything when the doctor examined him. He said I see something suspicious in his stomach," Wilson says.

Josh was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The suspicious something wasn't his stomach, but his liver, which was seven times too big.

"He at one point was turning blue and they were trying to bring him back. So, he definitely had a few scary moments," Wilson says.

By the time he celebrated his first birthday, Josh was cancer-free.

Josh doesn't remember having cancer, but it did affect who he is today.

"I just want to live every moment for the best and sometimes people take things for granted, like time. Once you've been through this or something similar to this you know how little time you might have," Josh says.

Josh uses his time being a big brother to Jonathon and Jordan and practicing his talent at the keyboard.

He says he believes God healed him and has a special plan for his life.

He hasn't forgotten his second chance, and he's trying to help others get one, too.

For the past three years, Josh has walked alongside other cancer survivors in the Relay for Life.

Sharon Petrik started Broken Arrow's relay three years ago after surviving breast cancer.

"So many people helped me to get through my cancer and I wanted to help other people," Petrik says.

And she is with hope and research dollars.

They make a night of it taking turns walking the track until dawn.

The first lap is for survivors only, Josh and his neighbor Morgan walk it together.

They're thankful for the chance to be called survivors.