Woman arrested in home invasion

Tuesday, May 30th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Hours after two boys were bound with duct tape and their home was burglarized, police arrested a 24 year old woman in connection with the home invasion.

Tulsa Police Officer Barry Moore arrested Tagi Jennings in east central Tulsa, not far from the scene of the home invasion.

The two young boys, nine and ten years old
were home alone when they heard a knock on the door about nine-thirty this morning.

Police say the boys asked who it was and a woman answered.

They say the boys opened the door and the woman along with two men barged in and duct taped their hands behind their backs and put them in the closet.

Police say the suspects then backed their vehicle into the garage and started taking things out of the house.

Neighbors say they heard the commotion this morning and tonight they're frightened.

One neighbor told The News on Six "I will check the doors and make sure that everything's secure. I will make sure there's no doors or windows unlocked definitely."

Tulsa Police Sergeant Don Wood said the suspects took the typical items: "Most of the stuff they took was like stereo equipment, electronics, video equipment, things like that."

Police say Jennings knows the victims.

Detectives searched the apartment in which she was arrested but didn't find any of the stolen goods inside.

They are questioning Jennings tonight and police say it could lead to more arrests.

Police say the boys are a little shaken, but they're weren't hurt.