The Smart Alert Bulb, A Beacon in Times of Emergency

Wednesday, November 17th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Many people in Tulsa County will soon leave the dark ages when it comes to getting help in emergency situations. When the sun goes down, the number of emergency calls goes up. This often leaves firefighters, police officers and ambulance drivers searching for those needing help on dark, rural roads. "It's really frustrating,” said Tulsa County deputy sheriff Charlie Upton. “It’s really frustrating because when they call us, they're calling us because they have a problem. We want to get there as quick and as safely as possible. The quicker we get there, the quicker we can take care of the problem," he continued.

To help first responders find the right address quicker, Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies are passing out Smart Alert bulbs for porch lights. The smart bulb works in a regular porch light. Turn the light on, shut it off and quickly turn the light back on and it will begin flashing.

Julie Smith says she wishes she had the bulb to alert the ambulance when her aunt collapsed a few months ago. "She passed out and we called 911,” said Smith. “It seemed like a lifetime, because she quit breathing on us two or three times." The ambulance finally found her home, but only because neighbors stood by the road and waved at the ambulance.

Sheriff deputies say many homes aren't marked with house numbers and the flashing light will now show them where help is needed. "You might drive by a house four or five times before you decide that's the place,” said Upton. “You have to do a process of elimination to find it."

For more information on the Smart Alert bulb, call the Community Policing Unit at (918) 596 - 8560.