Smart Woman: Behavior Style Training

Thursday, October 28th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Personal Profile System: Developed by the Carlson Learning Company, the Personal Profile System is an informational booklet designed to improve communcation and teamwork. It consists of a psychological assessment to help people understand themselves and the differences of others. You can not pass or fail. There is not best profile.

The Personal Profile System enables a person to:

  • * Identify a behavorial profile.

  • * Capitalize behavorial strengths.

  • * Increase appreciation of different profiles.

  • * Anticipate and minimize potential conflict with others.

Assessments:The test costs about $25. It takes 30 mintues to fill out the assessment and develop a score. An additional hour can be spent with a business coach to help you read the assessment and understand it. Business coach Margaret Martin of Clearwater, Florida says some people may not like what they see because negative aspects may come out. However, Martin says once a person throughly reads the results, they develop an understanding of how other people perceive them.

Results:The Personal Profile System is also called “DISC”. D, I, S, and C are dimensions of behavior. You could be one or a combination of different groups.

  • * D = Dominance. This person tends to get immediate results and accepts challenges.

  • * I = Influence. This person tends to like contact with people and is enthusiastic.

  • * S = Steadiness. This person tends to perform in a predictable manner and demonstrates patience.

  • * C = Conscientiousness. This person tends to pay attention to standards and is very diplomatic.

    For more information:
    Margaret Martin
    Margaret Martin and Associates
    P.O. Box 14603
    Clearwater, FL 33766