Police Say Miller and Hanson Killed Bowles and Thurman

Thursday, September 16th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Police want two men being held in the Tulsa County jail oncharges with robbing a Tulsa credit union, to also be charged with two murders. Investigators say the men killed 77-year-old Mary Bowles and Owasso trucking company owner, Gerald Thurman. Thurman died on Tuesday.

44-year-old Gerald Thurman was shot numerous times on August 31st as he was making a trip to his dirt pit. Investigators found 77-year old Mary Bowles dead on September 7th, just six blocks from where Thurman was shot. Authorities believe both were shot on the same day. "The reason she was abducted, we believe these two individuals was for the use of her car," said officer Lucky Lamons.

Investigators say they have evidence which proves 36-year-old Victor Miller and 35 year-old George Hanson are responsible for the killings. Authorities arrested Miller and Hanson last week at a Muskogee motel in connection with a third crime, a credit union robbery in Tulsa. The same day the pair was arrested, police found Bowles's car. Police say they found evidence at the motel, the credit union, in the car and at the scenes of the killings which led them to Miller and Hanson.

"They abducted her, took her to an area of Tulsa County and was confronted by Mr. Thurman," said Tulsa police major Brian Edwards. Investigators are not releasing any of their evidence at this time because there are still some pieces of the puzzle to solve. The authorities, Thurman's family and friends are trying to figure out how he became involved. Pete Kourtis was Thurman's business partner. Kourtis says Thurman didn't have any enemies and believes he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. "He was just a happy, fun, loving spirit," he said. "He was always making light of something. As hard as he worked from day to day, he was just a good guy." Kourtis says the most important thing now is making those responsible pay the price for their crimes.

Both Hanson and Miller are being held in the Tulsa County Jail. Police say they are well known in the system. Authorities say Miller was convicted of murder and armed robbery in Tulsa County. He was released two years ago because of good behavior. Prosecutors were expected to file murder charges Thursday evening.