I-HOP Returns to Tulsa

Tuesday, September 14th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Things are hopping around the newest restaurant in town. I-HOP-- the International House of Pancakes -- just opened in Tulsa at 31st and Memorial on Tuesday and it's already packed. "I'm very happy to see it because I don't think we have enough breakfast places in town," said Tulsan Jeff Miller. I-HOP used to be in Tulsa ten years ago, but a downturn in business caused it to close. Paul Brown of I-HOP says the company struggled with local economics. He says Tulsa has changed and has such a viable economic base now that itshould provide the company with the opportunity to grow.

Brown says he refers to the restaurant differently depending on what part of the state he's in. "We try to use international house of pancakes instead of I-HOP because a lot of people still don't know what I-HOP is back towards the East," said Brown. People who know I-HOP know it well, especially those who have moved here from the eastern part of the country. "I'm originally from Chicago so I knew all about them," said transplanted Tulsan April Claphan. "We were thrilled."

Brown says the 31st & Memorial area is a booming. And an area that he hopes will keep I-HOP here for years to come. I-HOP is opening two more locations in Tulsa, one at 71st street and Highway 169, the other at 71st Street and Lewis. Up to 100 people will be employed at each location.