Parents of Murdered Children National Convention in Tulsa

Friday, August 13th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Victims of crime are getting help from people who know what they're truly feeling. There are enough parents of murdered children to have a national convention and this weekend it is in Tulsa. They're learning how to deal with grief by helping each other.

Beckie Miller's son, Brian was murdered eight years ago in Phoenix.
A gang robbed and shot him. "He shot him in the shoulder, and even as my son handed him the wallet, he shot him in the chest," said Miller. "He died almost instantly. We rushed to the hospital but we never got to speak with him again."

Now she and so many others have only pictures. Her son is remembered on the memorial plaque at the convention. But she has found something in common with other parents of murdered children. "I knew that we were somewhere with others that understood, she said. "I knew there wouldn't be any easy answers because you can't fix anything like this. But I wanted to survive it. I didn't want to let it destroy me. I didn't want the anger and the bitterness and pain to destroy my family," Miller advised.

The Parents of Murdered Children organization tries to educate people about how to avoid and survive crime and hold the justice system accountable. "Even though all three of his killers were arrested, the one who actually shot him only served seven years," Miller said. "He got out of prison last October."

These parents of murdered children hope if they work together, they can survive the loss of their children.