Scented bowling balls

Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 10:14 am
By: News On 6

If News on 6 reporter Rick Wells was still doing those "Hey What's the Deal" stories he used to do, this would certainly be one. It's about bowling balls.

They already come in a rainbow of colors, now they're available in different smells. Rick Wells sniffs out the details. Bowling is our most participated in sport; millions of us go bowling at least once a year.

For those of us un-initiated in the finer points of strikes and spares, the fact there are scented bowling balls is a surprise. Paul Wheat works in the pro shop at River Lanes and says a guy named Bill Chrisman started Storm Products and several years ago he began adding a scent to his more expensive bowling balls to make them unique. "We got strawberry, wintergreen, black cherry." Sounds like a wine tasting.

Storm Products is the only scented ball manufacturer and the scents are only available in its high-end balls, the ones ranging from $150 to about $250.

This kind of aroma therapy won't necessarily improve your game, but it is an attractive idea.