KMOD's ' Breakfast Club Zoo' celebrates 19 years this month

Wednesday, February 16th 2005, 10:30 am
By: News On 6

Nineteen years is a long time to do anything. Phil Stone and Brent Douglas have a radio collaboration that is 19 years old this month.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells talked to them Wednesday about radio, about Roy D Mercer, and about what's ahead for them.

If you're an adult, with your radio on in the morning, chances are you're listening to Phil and Brent on KMOD. Their 'Breakfast Club Zoo' has been the morning radio ratings leader for a long time. Phil Stone: "We started in February 1986, nineteen years ago." Long-time fans probably know how they got together newer listeners maybe don't. Brent was a pharmacist in Catoosa. Phil Stone: “He would call in and do this Fernando character every Wednesday. We didn't know who it was and it just freaked us out. It was hilariously funny, so one day before he hung up we said wait wait wait, who are you."

They hired him away from the pharmacy, later on came the Roy D Mercer character and those gag phone calls. They have fooled hundreds of people over the years with the Roy D Mercer phone calls. Phil Stone: "He called the Coliseum in Rome one day; Roy wanted to put a tractor pull in there. Fortunately they didn't speak English so they didn't get it."

The Roy D mercer character was never intended to be as big as he's gotten. Brent Douglas: "Trying to find a bit to do on the radio." Just something to make people laugh. But now there are 12 Roy D albums on Capital Records Nashville and they are a hit nationwide.

That success could have carried them to bigger radio markets in other cities, but. Brent Douglas: "We love being here, obviously we do or we'd have been somewhere else." Tulsa's radio listeners are glad they stayed.

There is a Roy D Mercer animation deal in the works with some pretty big names already committed to do some of the voices. The next Roy D album, the 13th, should be released in time for Father's Day.