Vinita elementary school students raise money for tsunami relief

Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 10:15 am
By: News On 6

About a month ago, we told you about Hall-Halsell Elementary School in Vinita collecting pennies and loose change for victims of the Asian tsunami.

They wanted to raise a thousand dollars in "a month." By the end of the first week, they had a thousand dollars "in pennies" alone. The load weighed almost half-a-ton.

The project had the kids searching for pennies in pretty peculiar places.

8 year old Sammi: "My parents, my room, all over the house."

7 year old Calvin: "My grandma and grandpa gave it to me. I just get my money everywhere."

8 year old Kennedy: "My mom let me clean out the car and I found like $10 in there and I robbed my brother's penny bank, but I paid him back."

The kids donated the money to Oprah's Angel Network to help tsunami victims build schools. The school collected almost $5,000.