Oklahoma chiropractic care for animals

Thursday, February 3rd 2005, 11:08 am
By: News On 6

Chiropractic care for people is fairly common, but in recent years chiropractors have had success treating animals.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells went to Miami to talk to two dog owners who say their pets are alive today thanks to a chiropractor.

Chloe an 18-month old Blue Heeler and Tinker a 4 and a half year old Maltese are patients of Dr Lonnie Jay a Miami Veterinarian and Dr Warren Pennell a Grove Chiropractor. He works with people three days a week and animals the other two. The dog's owners believe they are alive today because of the chiropractic care.

Tinker’s owner Linda Watson: "He saved her life cause there was nothing else they could do." Tinker was paralyzed from the neck down and they had all but given up. “The only thing she could move on her whole body was just her little head." They called in Dr Pennell and four treatments later, Tinker is running around like before. Dr Warren Pennell: "We just relieved the nerve interference up and down the spine and let the body heal itself." Watson: "It's just a miracle."

Chloe was hit by a car back around Thanksgiving, she was in horrible shape. Miami veterinarian Dr Lonnie Jay: "The prognosis was almost zero. I didn't think it could survive." She had severe head injuries, was nearly comatose, then Dr Pennell began giving her treatments. Dr Pennell: "The pressure must be put very specifically right on the place where it needs it." Improvement was almost immediate. Chloe’s owner Tara Crow: "Basically it was a miracle. She can go up a ramp and slide down a slide and she can jump on a swing."

Dr Pennell has been a people chiropractor for fourteen years. After some additional training he's been working with animals for about three months.

He has a web site if you're interested.