Fancy sunglasses and your favorite music

Thursday, January 13th 2005, 1:20 pm
By: News On 6

You may have heard about them, the Oakley sunglasses that can play your music. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found them here in Tulsa and he says these super shades give you the freedom to listen to your favorite music almost anywhere.

The Oakley Thump, it's the first digital music eyewear. Shades with a built-in MP3 player. I found them at Dr Robert Zoellner's.

They are pretty new. "The demand is so great for them around the world. They're putting them in limited places." There are several places to get them in Tulsa, his two shops are among the first. "I thought they would be heavier. I thought they would be more uncomfortable."

At one point we both put on a pair and started listening and the interview we were doing got lost in the music. Dr Zoellner: "I don't think you're gonna take 'em off. Those are you. You've become one with the Thump." Don't know about that, but we did get kind of fascinated with the music. Dr Zoellner: "I found a good one." Rick Wells: "I think you found a good one."

Here's the deal. The Thump comes in one style, seven frame colors and two types. One that will load about 30 songs and one that's good for 60 songs. They are pricey.

I walked in the door prepared to hate it. I thought who needs this. I'm gonna go de-bunk the Thump. Thought I had better try them on someone else. 13 year old Malcolm Bocanegra wasn't sure what to think, but his mom liked 'em. Cheryl Bocanegra: “Oh that's just really cool."

She is right about that they are nothing if not cool.

Again, they are expensive, not everyone can pay $400 or $500 for sun glasses, but you do get the built-in MP3 player.