Tulsa business celebrates Christmas with free auto repair work

Tuesday, December 21st 2004, 10:00 am
By: News On 6

What would you say to free automotive service this week? You'd probably say "what's the catch?" The catch is that the owner of "Faith Automotive" in Tulsa has caught the Christmas spirit and the response has been overwhelming.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells visited the business and 61st and Garnett Tuesday afternoon.

Clay Schroepfler :"Faith Automotive this is Clay." Faith Automotive is swamped. They've gotten lots of publicity on their "we will fix your car for free for Christmas" promotion. Anthony Baker: "I thought it was too good to be true, then I get here and the work was greatly appreciated, they done a great job." So he and his wife and new baby will have wheels for the holidays and it didn't cost them a dime.

Clay Schroepfer said he's been working on this free repairs idea for a couple of months. He just wanted to put a little more Christmas spirit in his Christmas. "It's been exactly what I hoped it would be most of the folks are truly needy people."

Looking over some of the work orders Tuesday, Schroepfer runs down the repairs. "This person needs a tune up and front brakes. This person needs a radiator flush a winterizing of her car and oil change and spark plugs." And on and on. He's limiting the repair to less than $300 so they can get as many fixed as possible.

Craig Henson has been here since, "Since 6:30 last night." For his pickup, he's getting new brakes and some front end work, frankly he was skeptical. “What's the catch, there is none, this is the real deal."

Same for Tiffany Miller. Her Camaro needed help and it's getting it. "It's a merry Christmas for me, you can't say thank you too many times.”

The spirit of Christmas is wearing a mechanic's uniform and getting his hands very very dirty.

The response to this Christmas week “free car repair” promotion has been so overwhelming, the folks at Faith Automotive doubt they'll be able to accept any more customers before Christmas Eve.