Veterans working to build a women's veteran's memorial in Broken Arrow

Monday, November 15th 2004, 10:18 am
By: News On 6

Memorials and parks to honor veterans aren't anything new, but a veteran's memorial just for women is something new and it's going to happen in Broken Arrow.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells visited the Broken Arrow VFW Post to look at plans to build a Women's War Memorial.

“We owe them a debt." Ralph Pointer says we owe all women warriors a debt of gratitude, particularly women who stayed home and raised the families, worked in the factories and did the jobs there were no men to fill. In every town there are memorials to men.

VFW Post 10887 commander Ralph Pointer: "You see very few, if any saying thank you ladies for what you have done." Pointer is leading the charge to have just such a memorial placed in Broken Arrow’s Veteran’s Park and he's making progress. It started as a simple stone marker. The simple stone marker was just too simple, the Broken Arrow Park’s Department helped with a larger design. "We're talking about 24 foot by 7 foot high."

In fact, Veteran's Park will be expanded, with the women's memorial in the center. "Probably every round that was cranked out of an M1 was touched by a woman here in the states putting it together."

Women were mechanics; they built ships and planes they worked in factories. "We need to honor these women for what they did." The memorial will do that and more.

The fundraising is underway, the Vietnam Veterans have kicked in a thousand bucks and the post has scheduled events like a turkey shoot to raise funds. "This is some thing everyone in Broken Arrow and Oklahoma can be proud of."

The fundraising has a long way to go. They’ve only raised about one-third of what they need. If you think you'd like to help call Ralph Pointer at 258-9855.