Bartlesville couple says time together during the Vietnam War helped their marriage

Tuesday, November 9th 2004, 6:16 am
By: News On 6

It was a little known operation during the Vietnam War, but "Operation Cuddle Up" played a big role in shaping the lives of one Bartlesville couple.

The plan allowed Bill and Nancy Lee to be assigned to the same hospital in Vietnam. The two got married just so they'd have a better chance of serving together. They both say their marriage helped get them through the time in Vietnam.

And the time together on the frontlines helped them weather the rocky first year as newlyweds. Bill Lee: “You don't have a lot of distractions, you're not debating about where to go to dinner that night, or which movie to go see, or what to wear, or whether you want to go see the folks next weekend."

The two ship out again Wednesday. This time they're off to Washington DC for a reunion of doctors, nurses, and patients they met during their time in Vietnam.