Brad Carson and Dr Tom Coburn face off in final US Senate debate

Wednesday, October 27th 2004, 12:14 pm
By: News On 6

There's less than a week left until Election Day and there's still no clear leader in Oklahoma's US Senate race.

Congressman Brad Carson and Doctor Tom Coburn faced off Wednesday night in the *final* televised debate before November 2nd.

The News on 6 hosted the event and teamed up with our sister station in Oklahoma City, KWTV, to bring you statewide coverage from the OSU campus.

Plenty of attack ads from both sides have flooded the airwaves. But when the candidates have come face to face in previous debates, they're usually pretty calm. Wednesday night was no different. At the start, both candidates said nice things about each other, complimenting their service to the state and complimenting their families. And they defended their use of attack ads.

Each man said half-truths are being used in the campaign to sway voters. Both candidates didn't hold back to point out what was wrong in each other's statements.

Congressman Brad Carson: “It happens in nearly every campaign from people on Tom's side. You know I go and talk about keeping our jobs from going to Mexico and China and they say despite what your record is, you're going to take everyone's guns away. I'm A-rated by the NRA. I've been endorsed in all my campaigns, but there are television ads, mail pieces, that say I'm going to take away their guns."

Dr Tom Coburn: "Brad just alluded to the fact he was endorsed by the NRA. He's not endorsed in this general election by the NRA. That's the kind of half-truths I'm talking about. You were endorsed in the primary. They have not endorsed either of us because we both have 100% records. The implication is that you were."

News on 6 anchor Terry Hood and News 9's Kelly Ogle moderated the event.

Another big election topic is the war in Iraq. On this issue, they both agreed.

Brad Carson: "I was a strong supporter of the President in removing Saddam Hussein. I think we should have gotten him back in 1991 when we were there the 1st time and it was never too late to do so."

Dr Tom Coburn: "Going to Iraq was exactly the right thing and we didn't go for WMD's, because there were 17 resolutions of the UN, and our allies had the courage to enforce."