Pair of Tulsa inventors keeping busy

Wednesday, October 20th 2004, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

How many times have you seen a little gadget or gizmo designed to make a task simpler or easier and said to yourself? Now why didn't I think of that?

The News on 6's Rick Wells met a couple of Tulsans who did "think of that", and they've turned their good ideas into a business.

What’s the old saying? Necessity is the mother of invention. Pat Dougal and Wayne Weatherly of Tight Line Enterprises are avid fly fishermen.

When they fish a river or stream they like to stay on the move. Wayne Weatherly: "I wanted something we could put on the outside of the car so we wouldn't have to break the rods down going from spot to spot." There wasn't anything like that, so they invented it. The original was made of PVC pipe and CB antenna magnets. It worked and other fisherman wanted them too so they began to make them.

The design is more sophisticated now and they're selling them all over the world. Pat Dougal: "It didn't take long to realize we needed some additional products." All fishermen need a place to secure the rod while getting the rest of the gear ready. Well. Pat Dougal: "We identified it as a problem and came up with the magnetic rod guard." It's so simple, why didn't I think of that.

Here's another, there's always a need for a third hand now and then, they created one, a magnetic third hand to hold the rod while the other two are busy. Want another? A magnetic fly guard, a place to dry wet flies before you put them away. These guys are magnets for good ideas.

Here's one more, a magnetic net release. The magnet holds the net securely and it only takes one hand to re-attach it.

The only problem, the business is doing so well it's cutting into their fishing time, but fishing trips are business trips now aren't they, and deductible, that may be the best invention of all.

If you'd like more information about their products or the company, they have a web site and it's called