The Halloween Superstore

Friday, October 15th 2004, 3:53 pm
By: News On 6

Parker McCracken is four and he wants to be a power ranger for Halloween. You probably thought the power rangers were long gone.

Charleen McCracken: "They appeal to the little ones 'cause they're strong and tough."

He's in the perfect age group for super heros.

Dan Kradle: "Spiderman is the most popular this year"

Dan Kradle runs this Halloween Superstore, open at Promenade Mall from Labor Day through Halloween. There are 265 of these across the U-S.

Kradle: "It's brand new for Tulsa”

It's the first time Tulsa's ever seen the full Halloween concept. And if you think this is only for kids, he'll tell you you're wrong, he says sales run about 60/40 for adults. Joe and Doralyn Waits are looking for something for her.

"Does that do it?"

"Maybe so, or a vampire type thing."

No need to lose your head, the decorations are in the back. They've got big skeletons, and moving spiders.

Kradle: "You could hang it on a wall inside a house."

Not my house, I hate spiders. Need a fog machine? Wings are big this year for both children and adults.

There are party favors and costumes for pets.They even have those big inflatables for inside or out. And wow look at that, ghost shoppers, oh never mind, its the reflection in the window.