Student's beating at school has his family looking for answers

Tuesday, October 12th 2004, 5:20 am
By: News On 6

A 16-year old Tulsa boy with mental disabilities is terrified of returning to school after he brutally beaten in the hallway of his High School.

He says it happened at lunchtime last Wednesday at Tulsa School of Science and Technology.

Juwon Matthews is a special needs student. He was approached by another teen who began taunting him.

According to family members, Juwon was shoved down and repeatedly kicked in the face as he lay unconscious.

Juwon was left with a concussion, stitches, and missing teeth.

"Why would someone do this to Juwon when he's never bothered anybody, he's never caused any trouble," said Alice Matthew/Beaten Student’s Mother.

A security camera meant to monitor the hallway was tampered with by students, and pointed down at the floor. Juwon's mother believes if the camera had been working properly, the assault would've been stopped.

The student accused in the incident is under a long-term suspension. Tulsa Public Schools officials wouldn't comment any further, saying it's now a police matter. Police say the student could face assault charges.