Behind The Scenes Of The Price Is Right

Thursday, May 17th 2007, 6:00 am
By: News On 6

Most of us cannot remember a time when he was not on TV. And many of his most enthusiastic fans were not even born when Bob Barker started on the Price Is Right 35 years ago. But now, Bob Barker's long run is coming to a close. News On 6 anchor Terry Hood and photojournalist Michael Blair went to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes look at an American icon.

This moment has been a long time coming for Bob Barker and for each of the 336 screaming fans in his audience. As Barker's run on the Price is Right winds down to its final days, it is getting a little dicey behind the scenes.

When the News On 6 visited the studio, people started getting in line for the Monday taping of the Price is Right on Saturday and most of them won't even make it inside the studio. People were in line from all over the country and they are all determined to work their way to contestant's row.

As he has for 50 years, Bob Barker is taking it all in stride. At age 83, in a two hour taping, he still takes every opportunity he can to interact with the crowd. He waves off suggestions that without him, the show cannot go on. Bob Barker accepts kisses from young brides and shares funny moments of show's long history. Like the time a pregnant woman in the audience went into labor.

It all seamlessly flows with the tried and true games that have made the Price Is Right a mainstay of daytime TV for more than three decades. In an age of computers, lasers and special effects, it’s all surprisingly low tech. Back stage is a jumble of flags, furniture, and potted plants with an occasional new car, rolled in on a wooden platform.

It’s the human touch that has made this show such an enduring success. And now, the producers at the Price Is Right have the unenviable job of trying to replace its star, Bob Barker. Roger Dobkowitz has been with the show since 1972, in fact, it was his first job out of college, now Dobkowitz is the man in charge.

Who the next host will be has yet to be determined, but in any case, Bob Barker's work is not yet done. During a taping of the show, while the News On 6 was there, there were three winners, three losers and time for the showcase showdown.

It has been a grand 35 years with Bob Barker, and a piece of Americana will be gone in June.

The Price Is Right is the longest-running game show in television history and CBS aired a pair of special evening broadcasts of the show this week. One of those shows, featured Bob Barker's reminiscences about his 50 year career on television and his 35 years on "The Price Is Right."

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