OSU Fraternity Pledge Severely Beaten

Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 8:16 pm
By: News On 6

Some Oklahoma State University fraternity members could face criminal hazing charges. Stillwater Police say several fraternity pledges were beaten. One pledge's injuries were so severe he had to go to the emergency room. The investigation started last month, when a pledge's parents found out he might need plastic surgery because of his injuries. Six fraternity members could face charges in the case.

News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports the Payne County DA plans to file charges later this week. The charges he is considering include hazing and assault and battery.

The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity doesn't have a frat house on campus, so investigators say members and pledges gathered inside an apartment for meetings. Investigators say that's when the suspected hazing took place.

"On one victim, on his buttocks, the flesh was torn away down to the muscle. There wasn't any skin left," said Lieutenant Michael Metcalf with the Stillwater Police Department.

That severely injured pledge, who is from Tulsa, went to Stillwater Medical Center's emergency room on February 13th for treatment.

"Sometimes they were struck mostly with hands and fists and arms and other areas of the body," Metcalf said.

According to a police affidavit, the pledge reportedly told police that he and other pledges received physical "punishment" for failure to recall information about the fraternity.

Many other OSU students hated to hear about the allegations.

"I guess pretty intense and pretty serious. I think everybody involved with it, even the people who got hurt, should take some responsibility of their actions," said student Babatunde Ogundipe.

Travis Allison doesn't know specifics of the case, but thinks any hazing reflects negatively on Greek life on campus.

"It's going to represent the OSU Greek life really badly,” he said. “We don't promote hazing up here. This is more of a fun deal. You get into a fraternity to have fun, meet new guys, not to abuse anyone or anything of that nature."

Oklahoma State released a statement saying, “This is a very serious matter involving allegations of student actions that are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated at Oklahoma State University.”

The OSU Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha has been shut down by its national organization. The incident is being investigated by OSU, the school's student conduct committee and police.