Marching Against Methamphetamines

Thursday, March 1st 2007, 10:42 am
By: News On 6

Thursday was March Against Meth day across Oklahoma. It’s a day set aside by Governor Brad Henry to raise awareness about the dangers of meth use. News On 6 reporter Jennifer Loren reports how one Oklahoma school system hopes to make a difference.

This was the second year Liberty Schools held a March Against Meth. All 600+ students marched down the street in front of the school, where they say meth has been a problem. But before the march, they piled in the gymnasium to learn what meth can do to a person.

One of the teachers gave a presentation showing the harmful chemicals meth is made from. She also showed before and after photos of meth addicts. Those got a lot of reaction from the kids.

But the real difference maker at the assembly was their cafeteria lady. Karen Puckett talked about how she and her children survived an abusive, meth-addicted ex-husband, who later died from meth use. "So meth does more than just destroy the person that does it. It destroys the family. So I want you guys to promise that you will stay in school, stay clean and live a good life."

This year, March Against Meth Day is a tribute to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics officer Choc Ericsson. In 2005, Ericsson was killed by a driver who was high on meth.

Last year was the first year, and it was dedicated to Trooper Nikky Green. That is why everyone is supposed to wear green on March 1st on March Against Meth day.