Fixing A Banged Up Model "A"

Monday, February 19th 2007, 10:05 am
By: News On 6

Two weeks ago, a series of hit and run accidents along South Harvard in Tulsa damaged several cars and at least one business. One of those damaged vehicles was a 1929 Model "A" Ford.

The antique has been parked in front of the Ranch Acres Car Care Center for more than 30 years and as News On 6 reporter Rick Wells reports, the business' owner plans to repair the car, but he's still adding up the cost.

The corner at 30th and Harvard is rather empty these days. What's missing is the old Model "A", which sat on the corner for more than 30 years. "I've had more people come by, people that are not even customers, come by and say we're really sorry about the car, hope you can get it straightened out we really miss seeing it," says Paul Clayton.

There is a lot of straightening out on the Model "A" to get done. A couple of weeks ago the Model A was sitting in its regular spot when a driver lost control of his car, knocked over the fire hydrant and smacked into the front of the Model "A." Paul Clayton says it sounded like a really bad accident. He had to use a scoop loader to move the car.

The Model "A" now it sits in a back lot and Paul Clayton says, "waiting on my insurance guy he's trying to see if put on my garage policy.” The car isn't driven on the street, so there was no standard auto insurance coverage available. Ranch Acres uses it as a sign, identifying their business.

The Model "A" needs a new front end. The vehicle's frame is bent so the driver's side door won't close. The fenders and one wheel are all banged up and the transmission is cracked. Clayton says he can find all the parts he needs, but the bad news is no matter what his insurance company decides, it's gonna be very very expensive.

By the way, the driver involved in the accident, David Mizelle faces several charges, including reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

To view the story which aired on 2/05/2007, the day of the accident, Click here.