Businesses Cash In On Super Bowl

Friday, February 2nd 2007, 9:19 pm
By: News On 6

No matter where you watch the Super Bowl there will probably be some good eating to go along with it. Regardless of the outcome of the game, some businesses catering to fans will be the big winners. News on 6 anchor Craig Day reports on the big games impact on Tulsa businesses.

Darryl Bunch is counting down the hours to the Super Bowl, one of his favorite days of the year. He loves the football, the family, the friends and the food.

"I love the food. Hot wings, you know. Little smokies, pizza, nachos, everything you can name, you have," Tulsa resident Darryl Bunch said.

So Bunch is putting in his pre-order for wings from the Wing Stop restaurant at 31st and Garnett.

He isn't alone.

"We'll be serving wings all day long,” Wing Stop manager Ronnie Howell said. “So you got to kind of get geared up for it."

In fact, it's so busy even Ronnie Howell is amazed at how many wings the restaurant will serve up Super Bowl Sunday. Not hundreds, but thousands, in fact Howell says there’s 20,000 for Sunday alone.

"It's extremely crazy. We’ll probably bring in our whole crew, and everybody works all day during the Super Bowl,” said Howell. “We can't get the job done without everybody being here."

It will be all hands on deck at Stutt's House of Barbecue too.

"Sometimes people come just to get our beans. They love our baked beans," said Almead Stutt.

The restaurant on Apache has been taking Super Bowl orders all week.

"The slabs of St. Louis style ribs, and the beef brisket, those two are the most popular," Stutt said.

So popular that Super Bowl Sunday ranks up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas as one of Stutt's busiest days of the year for special catering.

"A normal day, I would say it's probably three times busier,” said Stutt. “But it's all to go, we serve very little here."

So whether it's a super slab, or a game day-main stay, fans will get their fill.

To go along with all the food, many people are renting big screen TV’s to watch the Super Bowl. Many are repeat customers who come back year after year.

Usually those giant TV’s will cost a couple of hundred dollars to rent for the weekend.