Snow And Ice Still Causing Problems

Monday, December 4th 2006, 10:40 am
By: News On 6

Dealing with the remnants of last week's storm. With snow and ice melting and re-freezing, there are still slick spots on some roads. And as News on 6 reporter Chris Wright explains, sidewalks also remain dangerous.

Just as it has for the past few nights, when the sun goes down, everything will re-freeze, meaning walking on city streets will continue to be difficult. People have been slipping and falling since the storm hit last week, and four days later, sidewalks are still not easy to navigate.

Tulsa resident Jeff Halsell: "hopefully it will start to warm up and melt off, be like Oklahoma again." Unfortunately, it may be a while before that happens. Temperatures are expected to dip below freezing at night for the next several days, so ice will continue to melt and re-freeze.

In fact, the number of fall-related calls EMSA has responded to has increased since the storm hit. When compared to normal averages, there was an 86 percent increase in calls on Thursday, 38 percent Friday, 114 percent Saturday, and a 125 percent increase on Sunday.

Dr. Keith Stanley of Tulsa Bone and Joint says people need to pay more attention to where they are walking. "If it looks pretty slick and hazardous, don't go there, wait for another day or two until it clears off." Dr. Stanley says the most common injuries from slipping on ice are broken wrists and ankles, but you also run the risk of rib, hip and back injuries. He worries that people continue to slip because they have tried to return to their regular routines, and shoes, too soon.

Dr. Keith Stanley: "they go out in improper shoe wear because it looks like for the most part things are wearing off, but there will still be those slick spots on driveways." And with those slick spots sticking around, Dr. Stanley expects to visit with even more patients over the next few days.

Tulsa Bone and Joint says the elderly are the most susceptible to falling on slick sidewalks and walkways.