Keep Holiday Spending In Check

Wednesday, November 22nd 2006, 9:26 pm
By: News On 6

Shoppers also need to be careful with their holiday spending. Credit counselors say this time of year can send people into serious debt if they're not careful.

News on 6 anchor Jennifer Loren has six simple steps to keep you from over-spending. Credit counselors say the best way to keep from over-spending is to start saving in January and shop all year. But for the rest of us, here are some easy steps to keep your checkbook in the black this Black Friday.

First, make a list. Decide who you're shopping for and exactly what you'll get them.

Second, decide on a budget. If you're married this should be discussed and agreed upon with your spouse.

Third, delegate shoppers. Who will shop for each person on the list so you don't buy double gifts.

Fourth, be selfless. Do not buy for yourself, no matter how tempting.

Fifth, find bargains and compare prices. Study ads, fliers and coupons and map out an itinerary.

And finally, stop! Do not exceed your budget. Any extra money can be used for bills.

Credit counselors say if you have to use a credit card, use only one and make sure it’s the one with the lowest interest rate.

Another good idea is to give gifts that won't cost you any money like raking leaves or babysitting. Really those gifts can be more meaningful than material things.