Lost Luggage Complaints

Wednesday, November 22nd 2006, 10:49 am
By: News On 6

25 million Thanksgiving travelers are expected to fly this holiday weekend and as if crowded airports are not enough, experts say you may be more likely to lose your luggage this year.

News on 6 reporter Chris Wright has more on what could be a stressful weekend to travel.

Experts worry that the combination of new security laws and millions of travelers taking to the skies could lead to your bag winding up somewhere else. "We got two bags, we're missing one and it happens to be the one with my children's clothes." Shanna Cale's bag never came off the carousel at Tulsa International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

And she wasn't the only one missing luggage. Lori Clarke "I have traveled for years, and this is the second time this year I've had a bag lost, and it had never happened to me prior to this year."

The US Department of Transportation says lost luggage complaints were up more than 80 percent in September when compared to September of last year. Travel experts believe the increase due to new security laws prohibiting passengers from carrying on liquids and gels.

Because of those laws, 30 percent more travelers are checking luggage. Combine the new laws with the millions of holiday travelers this weekend, and AAA says you've got trouble.

Rick Bickford with Oklahoma AAA "If the airlines are maxing out or struggling to take care of all that extra baggage, certainly there's a chance that stuff is going to get lost." Experts say you should be prepared, just in case your stuff is lost.

AAA says you want to make sure you have your name and address on your bag, as well as a fitting description in case it does get lost. “So just in case it does get lost, you can identify it to the airlines and have a much better chance to get it back faster."

AAA says the number of holiday travelers is expected to jump by 7 percent in Oklahoma this year, which is more than twice the national average of 3 percent.

In addition to making sure your luggage is properly labeled, you'll of course also want to arrive for your flight earlier than usual.