The Ultimate Gift

Wednesday, November 8th 2006, 2:28 pm
By: News On 6

Hollywood came to Tulsa Wednesday night for the premier of a new movie, ‘The Ultimate Gift.’

News on 6 anchor Jennifer Loren spent the evening on the red carpet at Riverwalk Movies in Jenks and says this new movie is based on the acclaimed book by Tulsa's own Jim Stovall.

‘The Ultimate Gift’ is the story of Red Stevens, a billionaire businessman who passes away and leaves his grandson, Jason, a large inheritance. But before Jason can collect, Red demands he complete 12 tasks.

Each one seems impossible, but as Jason earns the gifts and Jason learns the meaning and value of the ultimate gift. Jim Stovall: "The message still works. It works better than it's ever have. It's working everywhere from the Supreme Court of the United States, to the White House, public schools, prisons, everywhere around the world, and I'm excited now to have the movie taken even places it's never gone before.”

Drew Fuller who played “Jason”: "I think the message really is going to strike a chord with a lot of people. And even if it, like even if it doesn't get you right away it's like one of those things that might hit you an hour later, a week later. 'God that really affected me somewhere.'"

Some of the stars of the movie came to Tulsa to celebrate. Oklahoma's own James Garner stars in the movie but couldn't make it.

Aside from Stovall and Garner, there is another Oklahoma connection to the movie. The theme song was written by Kelly Morrison and performed by Ed Goggin.

Proceeds from Wednesday's premier were donated to a local charity, the Tulsa Community Foundation.