Arrgh, Tulsa Doctor Dresses Up

Tuesday, October 31st 2006, 12:51 pm
By: News On 6

It's Halloween, of course, many kids are excited about the opportunity to trick or treat through the neighborhood. Not a good time to be sick. Nor is it a great time to go to the doctor, but as News on 6 reporter Rick Wells explains, it might be fun, if your doctor were a famous pirate.

"I'm Capt Jack Sparrow." With only a few exceptions, Tulsa pediatrician Dr. Patrick Daley gets dressed up as somthing or somebody every Halloween. "I do it because I think the kids think it's pretty cute. The kids like it a lot, they come in in their costume, and they see me wearin' a costume."

He says he has had several in-costume patients Tuesday. A Superman, a bumble bee and a little giraffe.

Doesn't seem to bother one patient at all, that his Doc is a buccaneer, he just wants to feel better.

Aye, where be the next patient. Sorry, got a little carried away with the story telling. Here she comes, it's 8 year old Brittany Deatherage. She missed school Tuesday with an upset stomach.

This year', Captain Jack follows lots of Disney and Wizard of Oz characters. "I was Alf once, I was a Ninja Turtle." All the while checking ears and throats and listening to breathing. 5 year old Tyme Hopkins has had pneumonia but he's better.

Halloween comes but once a year and he figures he can have some fun too and the kids don't seem to mind. "I really haven't scared any kids."

One note, don't eat too much candy, you may be back to the doctor on Wednesday.